Our Farm

At the Learning Farm, children and families reconnect to the outdoors and discover their connection to local, sustainable food production and shared community meals.

Our mission is to give children the various tools, support, motivation and rewards necessary to become responsible, knowledgeable and caring citizens.  We do this through fostering a better understanding of where food comes from through connecting kids to their rightful place in the production, distribution and consumption of sustainably-farmed and fished, locally-produced food.  We want them to grow, harvest, cook and share the great bounty of what grows abundantly nearby to where they live and to do so in a mindful and caring way.

The Learning Farm is a tech-forward agriculture and life science learning organization with a goal to have multiple locations to support a deeper understanding of food systems and the natural world for all children around the globe. The Learning Farm will be a place where children and their families can immerse themselves in the study of living things, agriculture, and food, as well as have opportunity to brainstorm and discuss practical solutions to the challenges facing the planet with regard to how we grow food.


Children can become more than just consumers when it comes to food. This is where they learn where food comes from: how it’s grown, how the land and plants can be cultivated for optimal nutrition, land and crop sustainability, how fruits and vegetables are harvested and distributed, gleaned and sustainably farmed, how Planet Kid Juice is healthfully processed and put on the market, and most fun of all, how delicious the foods they prepare in the culinary portion of the program are when they are served to their families and new friends they’ve met at the Learning Farm.

This is where kids can get their hands dirty and explore, and then after lunch, put on lab coats and learn about the chromatography of beverages and the science behind composting. Here, students will learn the meaning and value of bio-diversity: how animals -- cows, horses, birds – interact beneficially with orchards, wildlands, woodlands; and how row crops – vines, root veggies, grains – do well right next to bush fruit and berries; and how insects and other beneficials – microbes, mycrorysomes, spongi – are their friends, all going in together to support a healthy and vibrant natural world and great food.